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Certificates and test of glass systems

Given the increase in requirements for the export of our products, but also larger projects in BiH, in which the condition is adequate attestation documentation of products, last week we tested our glass system.

The results are, as we expected, excellent. Since glass systems without vertical partitions do not guarantee air tightness, because they do not have complete sealing, the primary method of testing, and therefore the most important condition they must meet is resistance to wind gusts. Testing has determined that our glass system has resistance in class B2 according to the standard BAS EN 12211: 2017

Windows and doors – Wind load resistance, which means that the system remains without visible damage, fully functional, after a wind gust of 155 km / h.

Sistem: Junior Eco / Professional
Glass: Guardian ESG 8 mm
Heat permeability: 4.5 – 5.5 W / m2K
Sound insulation: 30 – 35 dB