Sanitary partitions

Load-bearing material

The HPL Compact board is made of special papers enriched with phenolic resin, and the decors are enriched with melamine resin. The inner layers are black, and the outer layers are printed, which also represents the decor of the panel (standard colors are WHITE, IVORY WHITE and GRAY, but it is possible to order the final decor in almost the entire color palette, and various wood, stone and designer decors)

Sanitary partitions


Plasticized or anodized aluminum door profile, door jamb, contains a rubber seal to neutralize the sound when closing the door. The wall connection is made with a plasticized aluminum "U" profile. The front (front) side of the bulkhead contains a special, rounded plasticized aluminum profile, which fastens it along the entire length of the upper edge. There is smoke in the profile. 16.5 / 25mm for anchoring to the wall on the sides and H-profiles 40x40mm serves as a horizontal stiffener.


Stainless steel balls with rosettes with a locking mechanism on the inside, with a visible disc that shows free / busy on the outside (red / green), and a mandrel that allows unlocking on the outside in case of emergency, and with a galvanized or stainless steel toilet lock.


3 stainless steel bags optionally with built-in self-closing spring in the upper bagle. The bags are fastened to the door profile with 2 or 3 screws made of stainless steel.


Made of plasticized aluminum or stainless steel tubes, with the possibility of adjusting the height up to 15 cm. The mounting plates of the legs are made with a 50 mm high protective rosette made of polyamide or are made entirely of stainless steel. The standard height of the cab is 201.5 cm or 216.5 cm, including legs 15 cm high. The door is made of the same material, 13 mm thick, and the standard width of the door is 61-65 cm.


Vrata su od istog materijala debljine 13 mm, a standardna širina vrata iznosi 61 – 65 cm.