• Flat, sleek design with narrow profiles for maximum light and higher solar energy gains.
  • Suitable for passive houses in accordance with guideline WA-15/2 – value Uf = 0.95 W / (m²K).
  • Large range of glazing up to 56 mm thick for the use of triple glazing or special functional glass.
  • Reliable load transfer of high glass weights to central reinforcement.
  • High comfort of use and reliable functionality thanks to the most modern technology.
  • Easy to maintain, long lasting and robust.
  • Classic white paint, foiled in wood decor, plain paint or metallic paint, and Alu Clip & Alu Clip Pro options.
  • All plastic profiles are produced in fresh material exclusively with a lead-free stabilizer based on calcium / zinc.
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It is a premium window for a new era: KÖMMERLING 88. Thermal insulation oriented to future standards, a trendsetter in design, a pioneer in quality and safety. Thanks to its modularity and innovative upgrade technologies, it is crucial in individuality.

KÖMMERLING 88 is a 7-chamber MD – high insulation system with a modern depth of 88 mm. The system already achieves an exceptional Uf value of 0.95 W / (m²K) in standard equipment and thus high energy requirements for passive houses. Special thing about this: Unlike similar solutions, this value is achieved by reinforcement for maximum element sizes and, of course, for colored profiles.

But the new generation of profiles is not only energetically convincing, but also architecturally, we are looking to the future: Stable construction accepts three-layer glazing or state-of-the-art functional glass up to 56 mm thick. KÖMMERLING 88 provides large window areas for an attractive façade design combined with outstanding sound insulation values. In addition, for large windows, solar gains – especially during the cold season – further reduce energy demand and thus CO2 emissions.

In addition to the classic white, the system is available in 88 decorative foils – from wood decor to plain paint and metallic paint – foiled on the outside and inside white or foiled on both sides and in Alu Clip options with aluminum coating.


AluClip aluminum cladding combines an elegant aluminum design in an almost unlimited color variant with optimal insulation values ​​of state-of-the-art KÖMMERLING 88 plastic. The aluminum material convinces the window construction with its elegance, weather resistance and easy maintenance.

The KÖMMERLING 88 AluClip system combines both elements for you: Aluminum and plastic in perfect harmony. And that in an almost unlimited variety of colors of aluminum coatings based on refined techniques, such as anodizing and plasticizing.

The system is also considered an example in environmental terms: The KOMMERLING brand is the first significant profile manufacturer worldwide to use only lead-free PVC with “green” calcium and zinc-based stabilizers in addition to recycled material in exclusively window plastic. This provides the user of the KOMMERLING product with the assurance that it will operate in an environmentally friendly manner.