KÖMMERLING 88 Pasivna kuća

Even in the standard version, the KÖMMERLING 88 system with suitable functional glass achieves the demanding thermal insulation goals of passive houses – Uf = 0.95 W / (m2K). Glazing with 48 mm thermal protection with Chromatech Ultra F spacer, Ug-values = 0.6 W / (m2K) – lies Uw-value at 0.79 W / (m2K) – Uw, when installed = 0.82 W / (m2K).

Design the shape and color individually to your liking. A wide range of profiles as well as different surface designs are available for the standard version. The system can be delivered in white, foiled in wood decor, standard colors and metallic colors – optionally foiled on the outside and white or double-sided foiled on the inside.



The system is also considered an example in environmental terms: The KOMMERLING brand is the first major profile manufacturer worldwide to use only lead-free PVC with “green” calcium and zinc-based stabilizers in addition to recycled material in exclusively window plastic. Only environmentally friendly propellants are used for foaming and the foam can be easily cleaned of PVC when recycled. This provides the user of the KOMMERLING product with the assurance that it will operate in an environmentally friendly manner. When foaming, only environmentally friendly propellants are used and when recycling, the foam can be easily cleaned of PVC.

Excellent thermal insulation value of Uf = 0.95 W / (m2K).
Suitability of a passive house according to the Ift directive WA 15/2 – Uw-Wert = 0.79 W / (m2K) – Uw, for installation = 0.82 W / (m2K).
A wide range of glazing up to 56 mm thick uses triple glazing and special purpose glazing.
Reliable load transfer of heavy glass based on mid-positioned reinforcement
Classic white profile, foiled in wood decor, standard colors or metallic colors.
It can be completely recycled.
All PVC profiles are basically produced exclusively with lead-free stabilizers based on calcium / zinc.