C-80 Standard

C-80 STANDARD are blinds with a standard design system. The blind set consists of standard slats, mechanism, classic brackets and guides and a visible mask. STANDARD C-80 allows independent installation on all types of buildings. They are suitable for new construction as well as for the renovation of older buildings. It is not necessary to plan the installation of these blinds in advance, because they are installed after the finished facade. Since the blinds are visible, together with the facade and carpentry in different color combinations, they further enhance the exterior of the house.


PERFORMANCE and standard

  • Standard installation – Visible mask
  • All exterior visible blinds can be ordered in different designs:
    crank control or electric steering
    in different color combinations (slats, masks, guides and end strips)

Under the STANDARD blinds it is possible to install different types of mosquito nets (fixed, roller, pleated).