Blackline XT

  • Adapter, very stable connection between AE Blackline XT and window profile
  • Neopor, guarantees excellent thermal insulation, blends perfectly with the plaster
  • The upper part of the pur foam
  • Aperture, 10 to 28 mm (standard)
  • Extruded aluminum profile
  • Integrated mosquito net
  • Revision down- inside


This sub-facade box for new buildings is characterized by high characteristics of thermal and sound insulation. The box was created in cooperation with two German companies in order to meet increasingly stringent standards of environmental and energy installation. It adheres well to all profiles and has high stability in construction. It is practical to operate because it can be transported separately from the window frames and can be mounted on the installation object separately from the window. The Blackline XT features a stable connection between the box itself and the Exte XT guide with special adapters to all window profiles.

Neopor foam elements provide strength and exceptional thermal insulation, while at the same time being an excellent base for facades and plastering. On the outside, there is a wrinkled EPS surface with which the plaster adheres more easily. You can or do not need to install an integrated mosquito net inside. There are two options for revision of the box, and that is a revision from below and from the outside, where you access the interior by opening the PVC cover and removing the styrofoam insulation. Internal revision is possible up to 92 mm wide window profile.