Glass Fences


Do you want to close your balcony?

Unlike in the past, where fences were used to completely isolate people and protect them from the rest of the world, today modern architecture requires transparency and security.

What to expect from glass fences?

Glass fences are increasingly present, both in the interior and in the exterior. The reason for this is the material used, best known for its ability to adapt to any environment, colors and shapes with its transparency.
Glass with its transparency (or different colors), regardless of the fact that it physically limits the space, visually creates a feeling of openness and freedom. It does not dominate with its presence, it performs a given function and makes the space modern. The customer is offered a wide selection of different glasses, all according to personal preferences or the room.
The safety of the fence itself is not in question either, because the glass hardens through the tempering and / or lamination process, which makes it an incomparably unique solution for fences.

Advantages of glass fences

The first thing that dominates the most with structural fences is the minimalist approach. A glass fence that has no other elements than the support in the bottom, makes this type of fence the most elegant solution for decorating interiors or exteriors. Staklena ograda koja osim nosača u dnu, nema nikakvih drugih elemenata, čini ovu vrstu ograda najelegantnijim rješenjem za uređenje unutarnjih prostorija ili eksterijera. In many cases, it is not necessary to drill the glass. Structural fences can offer more options like handrails on top of the glass.

The glass is tempered or laminated, if necessary it can be tinted, frosted or in different colors. Structural railings can be applied to most surfaces such as balconies, hallways and staircases, so this option is certainly popular in today’s modern design, and will certainly dominate regardless of the time period.

Elegant C50

Elegant C50 system

The Elegant C50 system is one of the most common floor mounting elements.

The system consists of 150 and 300 mm long segment girders. We use a 300 mm bracket at the glass joint, and 150 mm brackets in the ranges from 200 mm to 275 mm. All brackets are located at a maximum maximum distance of 275 mm from each other.

If we use the system without handrails, for a glass fence up to 900 mm high, it is necessary to use 8 / 1.52 / 8 mm glass, and for a glass fence up to 1100 mm high, it is necessary to use 10 / 1.52 / 10 glass.

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