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Closing the terrace – Ideal use of space

The terrace should be one of the most beautiful parts of the house. That the terrace has a significant role in the general space of a home can be seen in the various roles that the terrace plays. A quiet, airy place to rest, and at the same time a place to dry laundry for some. An oasis of an afternoon nap or reading a favorite book and the like.

Namely, the open type of terrace can sometimes be a difficulty. This comes to the fore when it comes to bad weather or animals nearby. And even unwanted behavior and observation of neighbors, which especially disturbs your privacy.

Traditionally closing a terrace by building or installing carpentry and the like can be inaccessible and ungrateful. While already closing the terrace with a glazing system without barriers brings the desired result of the open , and at the same time closed terraces.

closing the terrace

Professional Sliding-folding system

Sliding-folding system intended for closing openings of larger dimensions, e.g. winter gardens or gardens of a catering facility. The complete system is without vertical bars, opens and folds to the side.


Professional system system allows you to stay in your glazed space during the winter, while it can be fully opened in the summer, thus creating a fully open and maximally used space.

The system consists of aluminum profiles and associated accessories that are designed to withstand weathering for extended periods of time. There are 21 ball bearings on each wheel, which allows you to operate the system effortlessly.

Transparent & nbsp; PVC or magnetic seals between the glasses make sure that Professional remains waterproof & nbsp; and to allow you to enjoy your space regardless of the weather.

The advantage of this system is the leveling profile, which corrects irregularities on the ceiling ± 18 mm, which facilitates installation. If you have a balcony that is at an angle, this is not a problem either, because we offer system solutions for angles of 90 ° degrees, and even in that case the possibility of opening the system completely remains, without vertical bars. For the Professional system we use laminated or safety (tempered) glass 8 mm thick, and we offer 3 profile colors: Elax SO Silver, Brown / Brown RAL 8017, White 9016.

Parallel sliding system with lower support

This system allows you to open individual sliding panels horizontally on one or two sides. When opening or closing the first sliding sash, the other sash opens and closes automatically thanks to the integrated bumpers.

The floor-mounted construction allows larger openings to be closed without the need for roof racks. The wheels on the wings allow easy and smooth opening and closing of the system with minimal effort. Aluminum profiles and accessories are designed to withstand weathering for extended periods of time.

In order to present you in more detail the closing of the terrace as one of the best options when it comes to landscaping, see our realized PROJECTS.

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