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Boomerang d.o.o.

Our story

Boomerangdoo started as a small family business, and we have been present on the B&H market since 1995. years. The firm began operations in humble conditions, with only a few employees. Initially, we sell hardware and construction materials. Over time, we are expanding our business to the production of PVC and ALU joinery, as well as glass fences and glass systems, so in 2019. year established sister companyBetaBoom group doo.

Constant investment in the machine park in order to have a top quality product, with the use of the highest quality raw materials from renowned European manufacturers. That is the vision we have been sticking to since the very beginning of the company. Successfully implemented projects and customer satisfaction give us confirmation that enthusiasm, innovative solutions and quality are the path to safe success. Boomerang doo has various certificates and attestations by which we guarantee our clients the quality of products (CE and various certified products).