energy saving

Sound insulation

high light transmittance

modern design


environmentally friendly


We offer a large number of window systems, which with different sizes of frames and sash, bar constructions fulfill all wishes.

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Glass systems

The best quality materials and outstanding design guarantee exceptional durability of the elements and a superior aesthetic impression.

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Pergola awning

They represent an ideal model for moving life activities from a completely closed to an open space.

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In addition to aesthetic advantages, there are easy installation, low weight, safety and high corrosion resistance.

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Production and installation

Creating a home, warmth and comfort

The activities we are currently engaged in are the production and installation of PVC joinery and ALU hardware, and ALU & Glass fences, as well as glass walls, and glazing systems without vertical partitions, a segment in which we quickly became market leaders.





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Finnish glazing

Finnish glazing is ideal if you want to make your balcony warm but at the same time attractive and beautiful. The combination of beauty and

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